Q: Is it allowed to post my own written articles at Healthyards.com?

A: Sure. If your articles are related to any of our topics you are allowed to register for an author account and post a maximum of 10 articles per day.


Q: Is it allowed to post articles at Healthyards.com written by someone else?

A: Sure. In this case it is required that you fill out the fields “Source URL” and “Source Name” that the original author of the article will be credited for his work.


Q: Is it possible to spam your system with my own content/links?

A: NO. All submitted articles are going through our approval process. As soon as we recognize that an article looks like a spam post, the article will be instantly and permanently removed from our system. If this happens 3 times we will remove the author account as well and block you from any future registration processes.


Q: How many links am I allowed to add to my submitted articles?

A: You are allowed to add a maximum of 2 links to each submitted article. The links may only redirect to any health or fitness related website. If we recognize 3 times a violation to this term we will act the same way like you can read in the question above (account termination).


Q: How can I earn money by becoming an author at HealthYards.com?

A: You can post a maximum of 10 articles per day. Our system will track all posted articles and we manually approve your articles. Starting with your 5th submitted article (in total not per day), you’ll have the option to post your own ads (your own products, affiliate products, adsense ads etc.) which will be shown on your posted article’s page/s. We generate a high traffic volume each month which leads new visitors to your interesting articles as well resulting in clicks on your posted advertisements.

You can display up to 2 of your ads showing up inside your submitted articles. One ad at the beginning and one ad at the end of your article.


Q: How can I maximize my earnings when submitting my own articles? 

A: We recommend that you submit only high-quality content. Next, we recommend that you add a related video (Youtube?) to any article and up to 2 links leading to your own website and/or to any affiliate program

It is required that you add a featured image to each posted article. The optimum image width is 460 px. If you have not stored an image about the topic of your article, you can use our built-in image search engine by clicking the “INSERT MEDIA” button at the submit form (Below you can see a screenshot for better understanding how the image search engine works.


We recommend that you fill out the bio field for building more trust.

You can generate additional traffic and build your list by adding your social media accounts. You can add your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Adding tags to your article will help as well.


Q: In which format do I have to add my custom ads?

A: You can add it in HTML format similar to the shown code on the following image:



Q: I cannot find the correct category for my article. What do I have to do now?

A: If your article is related to any health or fitness topic which isn’t listed, just choose a close related topic and we will create the correct sub-topic when going through the approval process.